Photo by Aaron Moreno

Photo by Aaron Moreno


Mantra Love is defined by a sleek nouveau rock ‘n’ roll finish. The music created by brother duo Derek and Fabian Silva takes inspiration from the classics, borrowing from the now cult underground acts of the late ‘70s and early ‘80s, and their sound and songwriting resonate the same feel and authenticity while still covering new ground and making the band relevant within the contemporary cultural-zeitgeist.

The brothers each embody a key aspect of traditional rock stardom. Derek is the enigmatic frontman while Fabian takes on the role of the well-dressed, flashy guitarist. The impeccable style and sound of the group mesh the worlds of glam and underground rock with a particularly luminescent feel.

With the debut of their self-titled EP back in 2015, the outfit has remained active in the regional touring circuit in Texas, with Mantra Love becoming a familiar name throughout Houston, Austin, Dallas, and beyond. With the release of the hit single “Strawberry Milk” in 2017 and the successful completion of a west coast tour, the duo decided it was time to begin work toward the creation of new material. Since then, the brothers have stayed busy at their home studio meticulously crafting the next new pop-rock sensation.

The result is the group’s forthcoming EP “U Called?” The new release tosses out the older, more ethereal psychedelic influences for a sound that is calculated and precise, fully perceptible without the unnecessary haze of the modern psych sound.